Tissue Mitochondrial Protein Extraction Kit


Tissue Mitochondrial Protein Extraction Kit
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Tissue mitochondrial Protein Extraction Kit provides a complete set of reagents for the extraction of mitochondrial protein from various solid tissues such as brain, spinal cord, nerve junction or fiber, fat, liver, digestive tract, kidney, heart, muscle, blood vessel, connective tissue and other animal tissues. The extraction process is simple and convenient. The prepared mitochondrial proteins not only have high purity and natural activity, but also have little cross-contamination. This kit contains a unique formulation that effectively dissolves mitochondrial membrane components. The kit contains a protease inhibitor mixture that prevents protease from degrading the protein and provides a guarantee for extracting high purity proteins. The protein extracted from this kit can be used for WesternBlotting, protein electrophoresis, immunoprecipitation, ELISA, transcriptional activity analysis, Gelshift gel retardation test, enzyme activity determination and other downstream protein research experiments. The protein extracted by this kit is an active protein with natural protein conformation.

Applicable sample: animal tissue

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