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Oxoid AST discs are supplied in cartridges of 50 discs. There are 5 cartridges in each pack.


Used for the sensitivity detection of antibiotics the semi-quantitative agar diffusion method.


Pure cultures of clinical isolates are inoculated onto the test medium and the AST disc placed on the surface. The antibiotic within the disc diffuses into the agar. After incubation, the zones of inhibition around the discs are measured and compared against recognised zone diameter ranges for the specific antimicrobial agents/organisms combination under test.


Oxoid AST Discs consist of 6mm diameter paper discs impregnated with a specific antimicrobial concentration. The discs are marked on both sides with an alpha-numeric code identifying the antimicrobial agent and concentration.

Storage and shelf life:

Unopened cartridges must be stored at -20℃ to 8℃ until required for 3 years. Allow cartridges to reach room temperature before removing them from the packaging to minimize condensation as this may reduce the potency of the antimicrobial agent. The expiry date is valid only for unopened blister packs stored under correct conditions. Once opened, cartridges should be stored within a dispenser (sold separately) in the container provided (with an unsaturated (orange) desiccant), or other suitable opaque airtight container with a desiccant to protect the discs from moisture. Dispensers should be stored within the container at 2 - 57℃ and be allowed to come to room temperature before opening to prevent the formation of condensation.


This product is not intended for active instrumentation. It can be used with manual paper dispensers to simplify operation.

These protocols are for reference only. Solarbio does not independently validate these methods.

1. The products are all for scientific research use only. Do not use it for medical, clinical diagnosis or treatment, food and cosmetics, etc. Do not store them in ordinary residential areas.
2. For your safety and health, please wear laboratory clothes, disposable gloves and masks.
3. The experimental results may be affected by many factors, after-sale service is limited to the product itself and does not involve other compensation.
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