Glutathione S-transferase(GST) Activity Assay Kit

Product Description

Detection Device: Microplate reader
Application: Glutathione S-transferase (GST) is a family of proteins with many physiological functions, which mainly exists in the cytoplasm. GST is an important part of detoxification enzyme system in the body. It mainly catalyzes various chemical substances and their metabolites to covalent bond with the sulfhydryl group of GSH. So that electrophilic compounds become hydrophilic substances, which are easy to be excreted from bile or urine, so as to degrade various potentially toxic substances in the body and expel them out of the body. Therefore, GST plays an important biological role in protecting cells from electrophilic compounds. In addition, because GST has the activity of GSH-Px, it is also called non-se GSH-px and has the function of repairing macromolecular such as DNA and protein damaged by oxidation. Note that GST-catalyzed reactions reduce GSH content but do not increase GSSG content.
GST catalyzed the binding of GSH with CDNB, and the light absorption peak wavelength of the binding product is 340 nm. Calculate the GST activity by measuring the absorbance rising rate at the wavelength of 340 nm.
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