Plant Anthocyanin Content Assay Kit

Product Description

Detection Device: Spectrophotometer
Application: Anthocyanin is a kind of edible natural pigment which is easily soluble in water and other solvents. Anthocyanins give plants a colorful color. It also has a variety of health functions. Therefore, it has a broad application prospect in natural edible pigments, health products and pharmaceutical industry.
According to the structure and properties of anthocyanins at different pH, the content of anthocyanins can be determined. The maximum absorption peak of anthocyanin was found at 530 nm when the pH is 1. When the pH is 4.5, anthocyanins are converted to colorless chalcone and there is no absorption peak at 530 nm. The content of anthocyanin can be calculated by measuring the absorbance values at 530 nm and 700 nm at different pH.
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