Total Phosphorus Content Assay Kit

No :   BC2855
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Detection Device :

Microplate reader

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The form of phosphorus includes inorganic phosphorus and organic phosphorus. Inorganic phosphorus mainly refers to phosphate radical, which is involved in many kinds of metabolism, including energy metabolism, nucleic acid metabolism, protein phosphorylation, dephosphorylation, and so on. By measuring the content of total phosphorus and inorganic phosphorus, the utilization rate of phosphorus in crops can be understood, and the basis for rational fertilization can be provided.
After digestion, total phosphorus was converted into inorganic phosphorus. The molybdenum blue method is a classical method for determining the content of inorganic phosphorus. Under certain conditions, molybdenum blue and phosphate form a substance with a characteristic absorption peak at 660nm. By measuring the light absorption of 660nm, the inorganic phosphorus content can be calculated, and then the total phosphorus content in the tissue can be calculated.
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