Oxalic acid Assay Kit

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Oxalic acid is a dicarboxylic acid that is widely found in the plant kingdom. It has different roles in different fields: in industrial production such as medicine, printing and dyeing, plastics, oxalic acid can be used as pharmaceutical raw materials, complexing agents, bleaching agents, precipitating agents and reducing agents. From a food point of view, long-term consumption of vegetables with high oxalic acid content is likely to cause diseases such as arthritis, hypocalcemia, bladder stones and kidney stones. Oxalic acid is considered to be an antagonist of mineral elements.
Fe3+ can form a purple complex with sulfosalicylic acid at pH 2 and the complex has a characteristic absorption peak at 510 nm. Oxalic acid and oxalate can make the purple complex lighter, and the absorbance of complex decreases with the increase of oxalic acid. Accordingly, the content of oxalic acid in the sample can be calculated from the reduced absorbance value.
GPT is widely found in animals, plants, microbes and cultured cells, which is an important enzyme in amino acid metabolism. It catalyzes the transamination of amino acid and keto acid. In addition, GPT activity is very high in Mammalian liver cells. GPT is released into the blood when liver cells necrotic, serum GPT activity is significantly increased. Therefore, GPT is recommended as the most sensitive indicator of liver damage by the World Health Organization.

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