Ascorbic Acid (AsA) and Total Ascorbic Acid (T-AsA) Content Assay Kit

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AsA is also called Vitamin C. AsA is the substrate of coenzyme, free radical scavenger, electron copolymer/receptor, biosynthesis of oxalate and tartrate. As the most important antioxidant in plant cells, AsA has important function in protecting chloroplast from oxidizing. It is also one of the important indexes to measure the quality of crop products. DHA is a reversible oxidized form of AsA. It forms a redox system with ascorbic acid in the living body and has the function of an electron acceptor.ASA has reductive ability, which can reduce Fe3+ to Fe2+. Fe2+ and 2,2’-bipyridine form a pink complex, with a characteristic absorption peak at 525 nm. DTT can reduce DHA to generate ASA, for this can be used to detect the total ascorbic acid( ASA + DHA) content of samples.

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